8 Unique Alternatives for Bridesmaid Bouquets

8 Unique Alternatives for Bridesmaid Bouquets From Puppies to Parasols, These Ideas Are Way More Unique By Jillian Kramer Updated 01/10/17 When photos of Sarah Mallouk Crain’s wedding hit social media, brides everywhere went crazy for her puppy-carrying bridesmaids. She bucked tradition and made our hearts melt all in one. “While tradition definitely has it’s […]

having a small bridal party without offending friends

Brides are always asking us about wedding etiquette, specifically bridal party rules. So I was excited to share the new rules (there now are no rules!) with Philadelphia Weddings’ Bridal Bulletin… “Q: I’d really like to keep my bridal party small, but how do I do that without offending any of the friends who have […]