12 days of christmas workout

Now holiday parties are in full swing complete with food, family, friends, and more food. If you want to burn some calories in between eggnog toasts and trips to the dessert table, check out this “12 Days of Christmas” workout. If you’re not sure how to do a Russian Twist or any of the other exercises, […]

tips for a healthy bridal bod

Experts say dieting is responsible for 80 percent of accomplishing weight loss goals, while exercising is responsible for the other 20 percent. In other words, healthy food choices are a huge part of shedding pounds. A great way to do that is through clean eating, which means eating whole or “real” foods that are un- […]

the upper body of your dreams

Hi everyone! Maya here. I am so excited to share my upper body workout that is geared specifically towards getting your bod ready for the big day! I love creating workout plans, especially when there is an end goal in mind, and what better to plan for than a wedding? The majority of wedding dresses […]

5 tips to beat the holiday gain

I’m excited to introduce Maya, my friend and fitness/fashion/food mom blogger at My Life as Maya. She’ll be dropping by each month to share her health and fitness expertise. Feeling like you overindulged this holiday weekend? Check out Maya’s 5 healthy tips to beat the holiday gain… Hi everyone! My name is Maya. I was so excited when […]