diy wine bottle and cork wedding decor

As you continue to spend countless hours planning every last detail for your wedding, there is a good chance that wine bottles are beginning to pile up in a corner. Instead of throwing those bottles and corks away, repurpose them in order to give a personal touch to your décor! Here are five ideas that will put all of those wine bottle and corks to good use.

Cork Place Card Holders
All you need for this quick and easy project are corks and a retractable utility knife. First, cut the cork long ways so there is a flat end to stabilize the cork. Next, cut a slit on the top of the cork to slide the name cards in. Finish by adding a flower or similar sweet detail.

wedding wine bottles and corks - two little birds planning

Chalkboard Bottles
This project may look a little time consuming, however I can assure you it is far from it. Go to your closest home improvement store, such as Home Depot, and pick up a can of black chalkboard paint. Follow the directions on the can and you will have awesome looking bottles that you can personalize with chalk of any color.

wedding wine bottles and corks - two little birds planning

Cork Table Numbers
This project may require a little assistance from all of your wine-loving friends, but hey, I’m sure they wont mind helping! Once you have acquired as many corks as you can, start forming the corks into the number or letter that you want. Once you are satisfied with the shape, grab your hot glue gun and start gluing the corks together! Let the project completely dry before standing it up.

wedding wine bottles and corks - two little birds planning

Wine Bottle Centerpieces
This project is as easy as it gets! Step one: drink wine that comes in clear bottles. Step two: use Goo Gone to remove the wine bottle label. Step three: insert different length candlesticks into the top of each wine bottle. The different bottle shapes and candle lengths gives off a romantic feel to your décor. Be sure to talk to your venue to make sure candles are allowed.

wedding wine bottles and corks - two little birds planning

Cork Keepsake
The bottle of wine or champagne that you share on your wedding day may be the most important bottle you ever open. Save the cork in a shadow box and hang it in your home to remind you of the day you opened it! Insert a picture of you and your spouse opening the bottle or add in any other important items from your wedding day.

wedding wine bottles and corks - two little birds planning

images via offbeatbride, buzzfeed, stylemepretty, curbly, and somethingturquoise

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