diy confetti wedding programs

Who doesn’t dream of magically gliding down the aisle at the end of their wedding ceremony being greeted by a sea of celebratory confetti? If your ceremony site allows it, consider these easy DIY confetti wedding programs! There are two ways to do it… attach a small envelope with confetti to the program OR use the envelope or bag holding the confetti as the program.

programs with confetti envelope attached
When designing the programs, leave space on the front to attach the envelope. These programs use G7 glassine envelopes, which measure 2″ x 3.25″. Simply attach the confetti filled envelope to the printed program with double sided tape.

confetti envelope as the program
Start with a glassine envelope size G20 or larger. On your computer, design the program. When printing, feed the glassine envelopes into your printer like you would with a regular envelope. Fill with confetti and tada! You can also order customized and already printed program bags from a retailer like Mavora Art & Design on Etsy.

images via ed peers, martha stewart weddings, michelle edgemont, and mavora art & design

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