diy painted vases

Looking for the perfect centerpiece that you can conveniently make yourself? These painted vases let you set the mood through your choice of color combinations. It’s also really easy and affordable. If you want a little something extra, just add glitter, sequins, feathers, or gems.

Materials: recycled glass bottles, paint, plastic syringe (available at pharmacies), vase liners, and flowers

Step One: Gather a variety of vases. Choosing different of sizes and shapes will make the vases look more eclectic and interesting.

 Step Two: Mix colors to get the desired tones. You can use watercolors or even wall paint. Dilute the paint with a little water, which will allow it to flow into the bottle better. Put paint into syringe.

Step Three: Syringe the paint into the bottle. Larger bottles need between 80 and 100 ml. paint to cover comfortably.

Step Four: Rotate the bottles in a circular motion so that the paint covers the entire bottle interior.

Step Five: Once covered with the paint, let the bottles sit upside down for several hours to drain the excess paint . You can rest the bottles in a sink or on absorbent paper.

Step Six After the bottles have drained and dried, clean the excess paint from the edge and let them dry completely for a couple of days.

Step Seven: Add the plastic vase liners since you don’t want to fill the vases with water if you used a water based paint. Add flowers and voila!

images and tutorial via rustic wedding chic

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