kale bouquets

The theme of this past weekend was kale. It just kept coming up in conversations. Why it’s good for you. How to make the best kale chips. Where it can be used in wedding decor.

To learn more about the health benefits, check out my friend Maya’s blog, My Life As Maya. To make delicious kale chips, try this recipe from Nom Nom Paleo. To incorporate kale into your wedding, read on and check out the pics below.

Since kale thrives in cool weather, it’s a perfect addition to fall wedding decor. Kale can be white, pink, purple, or green, and while it resemble a rose, it has a more earthy and organic feel. The leafy blooms add a beautiful texture to any floral design. I especially love kale’s versatile and ability to fit perfectly into a romantic, vintage, or rustic wedding.

It all started in the cooler at Robertson’s Florals, when I came across these beautiful and interesting stems…



Now for some gorgeous centerpieces and bouquets…

white kale centerpiece

kale wedding bouquet

purple kale wedding bouquet

white and pink kale wedding bouquet

kale wedding bouquet

white and blue kale wedding bouquet

images via jaclyn’s iphone, real simple, sarah tallman, cobblestone design company, nine blooms, bouquet bouquet, and samantha kroll

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