some good advice

Looking for a creative idea to keep guests entertained? Seeking a way to remember all of your guests and their thoughts on your big day? Try advice coasters or guest book cards! In other words, they are coasters or cards that provide a space for your guests to give you advice and helpful hints to recall throughout your marriage. Not only is this a way of remembering and celebrating the people who were in attendance on your special day, this also gives them a way to share something they have learned along the way. Not to mention, this also keeps guests entertained and is a way for them to make their personal, individualized knowledge a part of your life and future.

Another bonus? They are simple to make! Here is a free printable template from MarryThis. Not feeling crafty, check out Etsy for lots of great options.Ā Incorporate advice coasters or guest book cards in your wedding for easy entertainment, memories and advice that will last a lifetime!



images via etsy’s luckybeepress and marrythis

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